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We partner with Veterinary Hospitals and Animal Health Service Providers to find and hire the best-fit veterinary doctors for their organizations. With the right animal medical doctor, everyone benefits -- the clients, the animals, the veterinarian, the care-giving team, the administrative staff, and the business owners. The animal healthcare company runs more efficiently and is more profitable, and the animal patients and animal owners are happier and more loyal.

  • 16,000 Veterinarians in our Circle

  • 5,000 Veterinary Hospitals in Our Database

  • 1,000 Targeted Contacts Each Week

  • 25 Recruiting Partners

Female Veterinarian

High Integrity

Our word and our honor are on the line whenever we deal with a candidate or an employer. Preserving their trust and confidence is paramount to success in the search and recruiting industry.


All information that our employers and candidates share with us is treated as strictly confidential and private. We exercise industry standards to protect everyone affected because we want to.

Right Way

We optimally match employers and veterinary medical doctors, and we do it the right way so everyone knows it, and there is never any doubt. Our objective is to serve all parties in their best interest.



    Our Hands-On Process

    For Placement

    Understanding your requirements (e.g., career objectives, desired compensation package, ideal working environment, and region of the United States in which you wish to work) is critical for us to match you with open positions we are tasked to fill.
    After confirming the employer meets your career requirements and you meet the employer's qualifications, we will make the formal introductions and prepare you and the employer for an initial interview and follow-on interviews to assure there is complementarity and good understanding between all parties.
    You will receive more information about the job requirements, desired qualifications, benefits, compensation package, the organization, the community, and any special offers or incentives. We will brief you and the employer so the interview is as productive as possible for everyone. The objective is to yield as much intelligence as possible for all parties to make their best decision.
    If the employer is confident that you are the top candidate for the position, they will make an offer for your consideration. There may be some questions that are yet unanswered that the employer will hold as contingencies for the job offer. You may be given a time period within which you must comply. If you have any questions or need clarification on any item, please let us know, and we will be your intermediaries. Conversely, the employer may have questions, as well, and we will contact you for more information. This is an exciting process, and we will do our best to assure the best results.

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    Open M-F

    8:00am-6:00pm PT