Vet Recruiting

Done Well

It's the challenge that makes the experience. Life and it's colour and meaning and adventure for you is this collection of experiences. To wish them away is to wish your life away.” ~ Jim Rohn

Transforming Lives

As recruiters, we have the opportunity to transform our clients' lives, bridging their present existence to a future they desire. Human development is a lifelong endeavor. Growth, learning, and discovery, if we allow are intrinsically rewarding and self-gratifying.

Discovering the Best Candidates

However, not everyone is looking for a change or are ready when a chance-of-a-lifetime opportunity crosses our path. And not everyone who is looking for a change at any given moment has yet developed all the qualities, skills, and experiences that would ideally qualify them for a chance career opportunity.

So what is a recruiter to do to find the perfect candidate for a given position within an organization?

Today, we have unparalleled access to information about people and their talents and can reach millions of potential candidates because of the internet and social media tools (like LinkedIn, FaceBook, Twitter, etc.), but, quantity does not necessarily equate to quality.

Recruiting Top Talent Is A Process

The veterinary doctor recruiter's challenge is to dig into the mud of the riverbed to expose the nuggets. And that is where we excel. We have developed tools that manage massive amounts of data and target the most qualified veterinarian doctors who will make up our shortlist of candidates for serious consideration.

Finding those most qualified veterinarians for positions requires identifying those who are already proven and adding value to their organizations or who have not yet shown themselves, but show great promise and are just beginning to shine.

Digging deep to find the nuggets and the veins of gold is what we do at Breakthrough Veterinary Recruiting.

Veterinary Doctor
How We Screen


  • Design interviews to reveal the most relevant predictors of job succss

  • Evaluate judiciously and verify and validate before moving the most highly qualified candidates to the next step

  • Consistently following these steps results in our forwarding only those candidates who can clearly excel in the job

  • Teaching you how to avoid pitfalls of the recruiting process assures your final selection is the best suited one.