Let Us Help You Find the Right Candidate

Finding the right candidate for a position in your veterinary hospital can be a long and convoluted process, requiring you to scan through many CV’s, carry out research on multiple candidates, interview multiple candidates, and take time away from your regular responsibilities.  Why not let a recruiting company specializing in finding veterinary doctors who meet your requirements take care of this part of the talent acquisition process quickly and efficiently?

Breakthrough Veterinary Recruiting offers employers our professional services to assist you in finding the very best candidates to join your animal health care team. We evaluate our veterinary candidates thoroughly, compiling their relevant experience, their qualifications, and their suitability for your open position.

Our experts will take all of your requirements and preferences into account during the entire process, assuring that we only send the very best-suited candidates your way, making your recruiting decisions that much more simple to make.

Fee Structure

Consistent with the standards of the executive search industry, our professional fee is based on service and is typically 25% to 33% of the final candidate’s estimated first year’s total cash compensation, including base salary and bonuses. In addition, we are reimbursed for actual, reasonable out-of-pocket expenses without mark-up. There are no charges for “other administrative expenses” which other search firms charge as an additional 5%-10% of the fee. Breakthrough Veterinary Recruiting works on a milestone billing basis where we only bill after we have achieved the agreed-upon milestone.

A typical milestone billing structure would be:

  1. Initial Retainer - Due at the onset of work
  2. First Progress Billing - Due on Introduction of 3 to 5 qualified candidates (usually between 4 and 6 weeks)
  3. Final Progress Billing - Due on final candidate's first day of employment

Under some circumstances (e.g. multiple engagements in tandem or in sequence), this fee structure may be modified by mutual agreement between Client and Breakthrough Veterinary Recruiting. By outsourcing your recruiting activities, you will save both time, resources, and money that would, no doubt, be better spent running and operating your clinic or hospital.

These plans may also be combined under clearly defined conditions. Either way, we are ready and able to help power your active search for top talent to fill your needs.

Engage Us and Save Your Time and Resources

Don’t sacrifice your valuable time and resources with a long and sometimes fruitless recruitment process, instead seek the services of a well-established recruitment agency that will get you the right candidate you need the first-time.

Breakthrough Veterinary Recruiting is a talent search agency dedicated to finding the best-suited veterinarians available for your positions. By allowing us to source your staff for you, you can expect to only receive candidates who would be valuable assets to your animal hospital.

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We can be reached by phone at 1-310-650-0725 or by email at recruiting@breakthroughvetrecruiting.com.

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We are excited to help you put together the best animal health care team out there.